Packaging that prolongs the life of your product.

Avalon packaging has been developed by Imballaggio to meet customers requests, that need a package for packing lines up to 25 kg of powder or granular products, fully or partially automated. Packaging, besides working fast and safe in this type of line, provides protection and tightness, assuring shelf life from 6 to 30 months to the packaged product characteristics, according to its need. Product shelf life increase is possible by using liner of plastic composite materials, with or without modified atmosphere provided by the equipment. The perfect packaging sealing off with full tightness, without manual contact neither exposure to sunlight and oxygen, eliminates the possibility of packaged product contamination and deterioration, increasing its shelf life and maintaining the best food products organoleptic characteristics.

Avalon®, Non Slide® , StripAround® are trademarks of Imballaggio.

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