Packaging for demanding industrial segments.

Our line of sewn sacks was developed to meet the most demanding industries. Its manufacture uses the best raw materials available: Kraft paper is extensible, 100% high consistency softwood and the seam is reinforced to support the entire weight of the product. In addition, adhesives and inks used are non-toxic and, like plastics, meet the ANVISA legislation for food contact.

Paper: From 1 to 4 sheet of paper with numerous options (brown kraft,  white kraft, kraft w / PE, kraft w / raffia, etc.) and with substances between 80 and 120 g / m2.
Capacity: up to 50 kg.
Printing: up to 6 colors *.
Food – Sugar, Coffee, Manioc / Cassava, corn, coconut, whey and milk powder, additives for food etc.
Industrial – Steel Wool, Chemical, Metallurgical Products, Mineral Products, Seed and Pet food.

*Availability on request

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Condomínio Industrial do Papel
Lagoa Santa – Minas Gerais – Brasil
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