The absolute packaging ®

Imballaggio® introduces Hexabag®, a Valvebag/Strip® packaging evolution that adds aluminum protection for greater shelf life in products and ingredients packaged for use in clean rooms.

Valvebag Strip®, Hexabag® e Imballaggio®, NonSlide® e Puxou!Abriu!® are registered trademarks of Imballaggio Ltda. Valvebag Strip® and Hexabag® packagings, as well as  its whole production process, have a patent required in INPI under number 20 2014 017388 4 and in PCT under number 52.400.022.830.

Packaging consisting of a valved plastic bag inserted in a paper and aluminum valved sack, specially designed to pack ingredients and chemicals used in clean rooms due to the ease of paper and plastic separation and disposal.

Protection: Long life packaging. Shelf life for up to 2 years! Barrier to gas, smell and moisture.

Safety: Full separation of the inner and outer casings.

Sealing: Two bags, one inside the other. Microbial barrier. Thermoweldable valve.

Facility: Strip system Puxou!Abriu!®*
*Pulled! Opened!

Stacking: Up to 15 meters with NonSlide®

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