SACKS Ecobag®

Ecological and sustainable.

Demonstrating all the company’s concern about the planet sustainability, since 2008 our bags have the Ecobag® brand. Destined to various business segments, from jewelry to clothing retailers, our Ecobag® is manufactured with paper 100 % softwood and certified by the FSC® (learn more Adhesives and inks used are non-toxic and biodegradable. In addition, we sponsored two social programs, providing income and professional training to the participants (learn more

Paper: One or two brown Kraft Paper sheets and / or White Kraft * with substances between 80 and 120 g / m2.
Capacity: up to 15 kg.
Printing: up to 8 colors*.
Segments: Commercial – Supermarkets, Jewelry, Clothes, Shoes, Books, Drinks, Delikatessens etc.

*Availability on request

Contacts and Location


Rua Aldo Baggio, 165
Condomínio Industrial do Papel
Lagoa Santa – Minas Gerais – Brasil
CEP: 33.400-000


+55 31 3491-4022

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