Several format options with various compositions.

Our line of glued sacks offers various formats and several compositions, to meet the growing demand for this type of packaging. They may have open mouth, ideal for industries that use gravitational system or manual filling in the filling process, or may be valved to companies that have automatic packers. All paper used is 100% long fiber high consistency, with FSC® certification (learn more and meet the ANVISA legislation for food contact. Adhesives, paints and plastics used in manufacturing are also non-toxic and suitable for food contact.

For valved packaging, we offer various types of valves with different gauges. Valves can be made of paper, paper with plastic membrane (Duovalve®) or weldable sleeve. Sacks can be printed in up to 8 colors * and can receive treatment Non Slide® (anti-slip), providing greater stability in stacking.

Paper: From 1 to 4 paper sheets with numerous options (brown kraft, white kraft, kraft w / PE, kraft w / raffia, etc.) and with substances between 80 and 120 g / m2.
Capacity: up to 40 kg.
Printing: up to 8 colors *.
Food – Sugar, Milk Powder, Corn, Coconut, Additives and Ingredients for Food etc.
Industrial – Ferrous Materials, Nonferrous etc.

*Availability on request

Duovalve®, Non Slide® are trademarks of Imballaggio.

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