SACKS SOS (Rectangular Bottom)

The same package. Endless possibilities.

Manufactured in various sizes and compositions, our sacks SOS line ( glued rectangular bottom) meets the various commercial and industrial segments. With print in up to 8 colors *, all paints and glues used in production are non-toxic and meet the ANVISA legislation for food contact. All papers have FSC® certification (learn more in and are also suitable for food contact.

Paper: 1 to 3 sheets with various paper options (brown kraft, white kraft and kraft w / PE ) and substances between 80 and 120 g / m2.
Capacity: up to 25 kg.
Printing: up to 8 colors *.
Food – sugar, coffee , flour , Powder , ingredients , fruits.
Commercial – Fast Foods, Supermarkets, Drug Stores.
Industrial – Steel wool, paper towel, Auto Parts, Seed and pet food.

*Availability on request

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