The sacks that protect your seed!

The SeedSack paper sacks can be manufactured in various models with two or more paper layers and printing up to 8 colors front and back. Hexagon bottom Valve models can receive paper valve or valve made of paper and plastic term weldable.

Open mouth models can have sewn, hexagonal or square bottom, and may receive, when sewn, the PuxouAbriu (PulledOpened) device, patented, which makes easier the sacks opening.

In addition, SeedSack packaging can be, internally, waterproofed for greater protection of your seed against moisture, and, externally, with non-slip lacquer NonSlide, to allow riskless storage of stack collapsing.

Use technology SeedSack packaging in favor of your seed. After all, Imballaggio is one of the few manufacturers of paper sacks in Brazil certified by Sedexglobal,  which assure companies able to supply the largest food companies in the world, besides using only papers certified by FSC® and being audited by DNV in ISO 9001 : 2008 rules.

Seedsack®, Duovalve®, NonSlide®, PuxouAbriu® are trademarks of Imballaggio.

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