Our environmental, social and economic commitment.

Imballaggio develops constant actions and procedures that result into greater sustainability for its activity, such as the permanent environmental care and the respect for human dignity.




In 2008 Imballaggio established a partnership with SEDS – Minas Gerais Secretary of State for Social Defense, to provide work for convicted people in prison, giving them the opportunity to obtain income for their families. Since then, Imballaggio offered to over 1,200 convicted people the opportunity to remission of their sentences. Among the prisons that had the partnership with Imballaggio are Penitentiary Jose Maria Alkmim and GPA, in Ribeirao das Neves-MG, and the Women’s Penitentiary, in Vespasiano-MG.



Due to our location nearby the perimeter of an APA (Environmental Protection Area) – Imballaggio strictly complies with the conditions of the Environmental License and fully complies with current environmental legislation in our state and country, besides promoting responsible corporate performance in local level. As a company that increasingly seeking sustainability, Imballaggio has licensees with partners for disposal of solid waste and has implemented a modern effluent treatment system that promotes the reuse of treated water.