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The line of Valvebag Strip® paper sacks is the latest concept in industrial packaging for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Developed to meet the clean room concept, the package has two separate layers, an external one in paper and an internal layer in plastic, which, thanks to the Strip Around® technology, can be easily separated, providing higher food safety in packaged product use.

Valvebag Strip ® paper sacks are manufactured in different sizes according to the  weight and density of the product to be packed;  the inner casing of plastic material can be composed of several layers aimed at obtaining a greater shelf life required in modified atmosphere or in adoption of W / Air® microperforation technology  up to 75 microns.h

ValvebagStrip® paper sacks are also manufactured with Non Slide® technology, which gives them excellent friction coefficient , providing a stable and secure stacking of the packaged product. In addition, all raw materials used in their manufacture, such as paper, plastic, glue and ink, are certified for food contact, meeting the highest international standards.

The line of ValvebagStrip® paper sacks is 100% ecological, as it is manufactured only with FSC® certified paper,  and StripAround® device provides the complete separation of the paper and plastic layers, making it a 100% recyclable packaging.

Valvebag/Strip®, StripAround®, NonSlide® are trademarks of Imballaggio.

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